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Burlesque Show

Sugar, Spice, & Saliva Risqué Rendezvous is a highly convented event and we are now accepting applications!

If selected to perform, you will recieve x2 panelist badges to Kimochiicon 2024 and tips given during performance.


  • You can submit as a solo, duo, or group act.

  • We will NOT be taking troupes as we want to spotlight and highlight different acts

  • You do not have to have experience to apply!

  • It is a cosplay burlquese show

  • Applying to the burlesquse show is NOT the same as applying as a guest. This application is strictly for wanting to perform (just like our cosplay contest & pageant). If you wish to apply as a guest, visit our guest application HERE.

  • All performers are required to attend a mandatory rehearsal the morning of the show. 

  • Must keep up with all communications from Kimochiicon Staff. 

  • 5min. performance max.


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