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It’s not a convention without a cosplay contest! We have a category for all cosplayers to win great prizes and show off their costumes.


We have a Craftsmanship category and a Runway category. Each has their own set of requirements to enter, so please read carefully before entering. If you have any questions about the category you fall under, don’t hesitate to email the Cosplay Department for more clarification.


This is the category to show off your carefully curated costumes to the judges and the audience. If you have skills in crafting cosplay, this is the place for you to enter!


  • General

    • Badges are required to enter

    • If a costume needs mobility assistance, please provide your own handler.

    • All contest entries must be self made to a certain percentage based on your category.

    • No Original characters.

    • If there is an Alternate Universe or Alternative concept to an existing character, reference pictures must be provided. (Ex. Pokémon Gijinka, Samurai Sailor Moon, Renaissance Princess Peach.)

    • Wigs, shoes, and metal jewelry are not required to be self made for any category but if they are, they can be factored into the scoring.

    • Please read through the categories to make sure that you are entering the right category.

    • Any contestant for the craftsmanship category caught with a bought costume will be disqualified. 

    • If your costume malfunctions and you want to switch categories, you are welcome to do so.

    • Any costume that has previously won top awards at other conventions will be automatically moved up to the next tier. (Ex. If you costume won best novice, you will be bumped up to Journeyman category. Etc)

    • Any costume that the judges think have been crafted with skill above their category may be moved up to the next tier. (Ex. You’ve never entered a contest, but you have 5 years experience sewing and craft something amazing, you may be bumped into Journeyman, not Novice.)

    • Pasties (for female presenting nipples), dance belts, and underpants are required.



  • Must be 50% self made. (Altering pre-made clothes is only partial credit)

  • 0-2 prior contests won in this category.

  • Needs at least a few progress photos to show judges

  • Needs reference photos to show judges


  • Must be 80% self made

  • 3 Novice awards must have been won

  • 0-2 prior awards won in this category 

  • Needs to show at least 2 progress photos for each piece of the costume to the judges

  • Needs reference photos to show judges


  • Must be 100% self made

    • This doesn’t include shoes, wigs, or metal jewelry.

  • 3 Journeyman awards must have been won

  • Build books are required. Can be digital.

  • Reference photos are required

  • If a costume has already won in a previous Masters category, heavy alterations and additions must be added to be considered.


Runway Category:


This category isn’t based on craftsmanship, but based on audience/judge popularity and how well you can strut your stuff. If you can’t sew, but you can wear the hell out of a cosplay, and want to be a part of pageant history,  this category is for you!


Here are the rules and regulations:

  • Badges are required for entry.

  • If a costume requires assistance for mobility, please provide your own handler.

  • This costume can be bought.

  • This costume will be judged based on superlatives such as “sexiest”, “best cat walk”, “Best Makeup look”, etc.

  • Pasties or body paint (for female presenting nipples), dance belts, and underpants must be worn.

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