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Please see the information relevant to requests, and contact either with the requested information or for any other questions.



  • Please provide links or examples of any of your work, whether it be articles that you have authored, vlogs that you have posted, or proof of your affiliation if you are working on behalf of a media/news outlet.

  • Each individual applicant must fill out this application with a unique email address. (Example: multiple reporters under the same media company applying. Each individual who is interested must submit their own application under their own email.)

  • Press pass requests will be reviewed and approved based on the following factors:

    • The overall quality of the submitted material

    • Content consistency

    • Professionalism of press applicant

    • Social following and/or audience reach across your preferred media

    • Overall number of press applications per outlet and overall


NOTE: Photographers who are approved for press passes are prohibited from charging for photography sessions at the convention.

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