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The definition of harassment is offensive conduct of an unwelcome nature on the basis of any of the characteristics identified. 

We are committed to creating an atmosphere where attendees can feel safe, & inclusive. If you feel harassed or see harassment, please report it to a member of our security team or staff. Harassment of any kind is unwelcome and those reported to convention staff will be dealt with consequences, such as confiscation of a badge, removal from the event, and/or being banned from any future events.


Please email or if you have any concerns before/during/after the event. 


18+ means 18+. We mean it.


This event is intended for individuals 18 years and older. We will have ID checks upon entry & re-entry, and anyone attempting to sell/badge swap/gift a badge to a minor will have confiscation of a badge, removal from the event, and/or being banned from any future events.




Given the nature of our convention, we understand that lewd cosplay is welcomed however, we must respect the hotel and venue:

  • When entering the hotel, please be modest, we must respect public spaces with hotel guests who are not there for the convention. A robe can be worn through these spaces for ease of changing. (No need to give grandma a heart attack!) 

  • No bare feet. Can be shoes, flip flops, etc, but some form of foot coverings must be worn.

  • Cosplay, costumes, and apparel associated with Nazis and organized hate groups are not allowed. Absolutely no swastikas. Absolutely no SS emblems or uniforms.



  • Prop firearms are allowed only if they can’t be mistaken for real weapons. If it looks like a real gun, it cannot come in. Realistic prop guns with brightly-colored caps are not allowed.

  • No cap guns, airsoft guns, or BB guns at all.

  • Prop weapons are allowed as long as they’re made of cardboard, foam, or similar light material. Plastic and wooden prop weapons are generally OK but must be reviewed by our security team.

  • No metal or sharp props and nothing dangerous looking. No thick metal chains.

  • No metal weapons, sharp weapons, or blunt weapons. This includes items like bokken and baseball bats.

  • No water guns, silly string, vuvuzelas, airhorns or pyrotechnics.



By purchasing a badge, attendees grant their permission to be photographed or recorded by KimochiiCon team members. By entering you inherently grant KimochiiCon permission to use such images or footage for archival or promotional purposes without compensation or acknowledgment.



KimochiiCon provides accessibility wristbands to those with mobility, vision, hearing, or other special, medical, or accessibility needs at our at Registration.



Kimochii Con vendors will have a 10ft x 10ft booth that will include a 6ft x 2ft table, 2 chairs, and 2 vendors badges good for early Dealers Hall access and are also good for all of the main functions of Kimochii Con itself. 


Vendors’ spaces are sold for $450 per standard booth. (Max: 4 booths. Anything more please reach out as a sponsorship opportunity) 

Additional Vendor Badges will be $40.


Wi-Fi is NOT included.



It is the responsibility of every vendor to follow this policy, detailed below:



All merchandise for sale in the exhibit hall must be officially licensed products. You cannot sell unofficial, unlicensed, or bootleg products. This includes but is not limited to…


  • Blu-rays and DVDs

  • Posters and Wall Scrolls

  • Toys and Plush

  • Replicas and Props

  • Costumes and Apparel


The sale of parody goods and apparel is allowed providing items are actual parody or otherwise transformative. No AI Art will be permitted.


Kimochii Con staff has the right to refuse anything that can be sold on our show floor. If you do not comply, we will revoke your booth and badges, and may harm your opportunities to work with us in the future. 


Kimochii Con artist alley areas will have 6ft that will include a 6ft x 2ft table, 2 chairs, and 2 artist alley badges good for early Dealers Hall access and are also good for all of the main functions of Kimochii Con itself. 


Artist Alley spaces are sold for $250 per standard booth.

Additional artist badges will be $40.


We encourage original prints, crafts, comics, etc, but please read this policy to assure your table follows our guidelines. Should a staff member or publisher representative ask you to remove any item from display and sale, you must do so immediately. Failure to follow this policy puts you at risk of being removed from the event without refund, restricted from future events produced by Kimochii Con.

  • You are allowed to exhibit in Artist Alley with both art featuring characters of your own creation as well as fan art and fan crafts based on anime, manga, and pop culture series. We define “fan art and fan crafts” as original work you have created based on licensed, copyrighted material and characters.

  • The sale of any item which reproduces the artwork of other fans is not allowed. You cannot copy another artist’s work. Do not trace, copy, or place Photoshop filters over any art you didn’t create. The alteration or modification of an existing work is not considered an original work.

  • The original creator of the fan art must be present at your Artist Alley table.

  • Booth sharing and collectives are allowed, providing each artist is at Kimochii Con, and informs our team that they will be sharing a booth.

  • No AI art will be accepted.

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