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Pageant Application:

Step into the world of pageantry where we will be crowing the Royal Waifu (Waifu being a gender-neutral term of course)

For this event, you can compete for the crown by showing off your best cosplay poses, special talents, and answer shameful questions!

Who will reign supreme over their fellow Waifu?!


  • You will need two outfits for the character you are cosplaying:

    • Formal attire: evening gown, tux, etc.
    • Swimsuit

    • During the runway portion, you can strip off your formal attire and reveal your swimsuit to entice the judges and audience.

  • You must perform a talent for the talent portion. This can be anything like putting your leg behind your head, singing "Hips Don't Lie" by Shakira, or sticking an entire corn dog in your mouth without gagging. Whatever it is, show us what you got!

  • You must be able to answer questions on the fly, so flex those improv skills!

  • If you are easily embarrassed, this pageant is not for you.

  • You must have purchased a badge prior to entry.

  • Pasties (for female presenting nipples) and dance belts are required.

  • No prior pageant experience required.

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